Ride Snowboard Sock


No more buying socks 1 at a time, these socks come in pairs because most of us have 2 feet, and those that don’t can use each sock different times. If you don’t have feet, you should get a t shirt for sure, cause if you don’t have feet you won’t like these or any socks really. Save time and money by getting this pair of socks. They are black. They have Ride logos. When people see you wearing these socks they will for sure swipe right because a sock like this screams “functional and classy”! They are made of an acrylic blend, so they will keep you warm even when they get sweaty. These socks can be washed after every time you use them BUT if you are gross like our sales manager Alex Hoyt, you can wear these socks at least 2 or 3 times without washing them (your feet will smell like a jock strap and your friends won’t give you a ride to the mountain but they will still keep you warm). These socks are long and medium thickness so they are good for snowboarding in all conditions. In an emergency situation, you could put a rock in these socks and use them as nun-chuck like weapons to defend yourself from ice zombies. You could even cut holes in the ends of these socks and use them as weirdly shaped poorly designed arm warmers! I can say for sure that there is no circumstance in which these socks will make your life worse.




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