RIDE Screwdriver

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. A number 3 Phillips Head Screwdriver.


Are you sick of trying to tighten your bindings with one of those chained up resort screw drivers? What about crushing cans, or trying to poke holes in apples? This screw driver can solve all of your problems. The engineers tell us this #3 Phillips Head screwdriver was meticulously designed to assure that your bindings stay on your board and wont strip your screws. This finely engineered screwdriver works with all snowboard bindings (not just RIDE). There are literally endless uses for this screwdriver, but it’s designed for your bindings. Once you get those bindings on the board, you will need to relax. You’ve worked hard. Tightening those 8 screws in a clockwise pattern takes concentration and focus and now that the task is done, it’s time to focus on you…and this screwdriver.




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