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In making this board, I wanted to simultaneously commemorate Dillon and pay tribute to his sensational and iconic personal style. The image on the base was taken on the last occasion in which Dillon and I saw each other. (RIGHT) The design details on this board are fragmented memories and tributes of Dillon’s life and likeness. (LEFT)

Dillon had a massive impact on those closest to him and touched the lives of many. He remains a massive inspiration, both for his exceptional talent and even more so, his boundless spirit of positivity, inclusion and selflessness. To me, Dillon was a best friend and a mentor. His spirit and influence lives on in the hearts of those who had the fortune of knowing him. 

In addition to serving as a reminder of the legacy that Dillon left, a portion of each sale of the Dillon Burnout will be donated to the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation, which serves to empower and provide opportunities to underprivileged youth in the greater Montreal area.

Cole Navin

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A letter from Dillon’s mom...

You have a baby and what will the future hold – dreams, expectations, surprises and wonders await… In Dillon’s case, it was always faced with sunshine, happiness, laughter and a sense of ease if you will. Dillon met each day with a smile, music and endless activities… as he matured he developed his already present sense of equality for all, love for all, an unconditional acceptance and understanding, and a will that everyone around him feel love and happiness. Friendships were a huge part of who Dillon was.

His love for sports was a part of his daily life and when he strapped into a snowboard for the first time it led to a life he could only have dreamed of. The hours spent filming, shovelling, travelling, failing and succeeding but never giving up…spending endless hours with his friends locally and afar. Deep rooted friendships who would continue to encourage each other, support each other, brotherly love. Just as important as developing his craft, the friendships were at the forefront. This is what snowboarding was all about for Dillon. The time spent, the memories made, the laughs and good times. Times that will never come back but thankfully will stain our hearts forever.

This board developed by so many who knew Dillon and designed beautifully by Cole (Navin), means so much to us. Our little boy’s dream. It depicts Dillon so well, music, his dog, snowboarding and those chains…the colours convey to me a sunrise or sunset, each equally beautiful with Dillon’s chains resting on top…perfect! It is a board that seems to have caused a movement of sorts…like you are bringing Dillon along for the ride. I have received so many messages with people saying they wished they had had an opportunity to ride with Dillon, well as bittersweet as it is, here is the chance. Not to mention a portion of the proceeds giving back to Dillon’s Lifeline Foundation in order to help underpriviledged kids participate in sports, something close to Dillon’s heart, priceless.

I could ramble on and on about him. Basically, this is a love note to all who made Dillon smile and touch his heart with love. His friends made Dillon who he was and is. No longer here with us in physical form but a heart so huge and full of love that it will go on forever, encouraging us to be better, reminding us to love one another and to give the time to someone who may need it.

Thank you to Ride for this beautiful board, it would have meant the world to Dillon. Thank you to all of his friends, too many to name (he would make me laugh by telling me all of your adventures!!), and to the people who ever showed Dillon kindness and acceptance.

He loved his life, his family and friends, he knew how lucky he was and I don’t think he would have changed a thing while he was here amongst us. We are the lucky ones to have had him in our lives. We are because he was, he is…..Tell your friends you love them, tomorrow is not promised.

And so.. our baby Dillon’s dreams came true.

It is said the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, such was the case for Dillon, but still shining as brightly as ever.

Love from Dillon’s mom, ….All dogs go to heaven xo

ojo foundation lockup

Founded in memory of snowboarder, Dillon Charles-Ojo.

The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation is a Nonprofit organization created to give underprivileged youth opportunities to pursue sports programs, summer camps and other activities.

The cost of such activities can be surprisingly high at times and for some of us, these can act as a barrier. Through the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation, we can help overcome the obstacles of costs for any youth who desires to be active in sports but cannot afford to.

Together we can have a positive social impact on the love for sports that Dillon projected and embodied... all while having fun!