Blauvelt x Berzerker

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It's incredible how much detail goes into designing a really good snowboard. There's concepts, sketches, engineering and tests... But then there's the special sauce. The collaboration between engineer and test subject. Jake Blauvelt won't just put his name on any snowboard and luckily our engineer Michael Chilton won't either. Learn the process from Jake and Chilton in "Taper : The Evolution of Jake Blauvelt and the RIDE Berzerker"

A new shape reduces tip curvature and adds a small amount of taper to improve speed edge to edge and float. The Tapered Quadratic sidecut has been enhanced to improve stability and edge hold. Carbon Slimerods® 2.0 have carbon for pop and a slime-core to smooth out the landings. The Berzerker is built for an all-mountain rider looking for performance in all conditions. Like a Viking longship, the Berzerker is designed to sail in the shallows or the deep, cut through ice, and take you to snowboard Valhalla.

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