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    Smooth, damp and light, the composite tray and aluminum heelcup makes the C-6 a durable, responsive binding at an incredibly affordable price


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    The C-6 is designed for all-around performance for the rider that wants the smooth and damp feel of a composite tray underfoot. The Two-Piece Ankle Strap contours to the shape of your boot and provides durability without extra weight. Urethane in the Slimeback™ Highback provides a smooth ride and allows for maximum lateral mobility. The C-Series Performance Chassis pairs an aluminum heelcup with a glass-filled nylon base tray. The aluminum heelcup provides the feel and durability of aluminum where you need it (heelside response) while the composite tray offers a damp and responsive ride. The canted footbed aligns your joints with a 2.5 degree angle while providing more leverage over the tip and tail of your board. Take this binding anywhere, any conditions we promise it won't disappoint.

    Did you break something on your RIDE bindings? Just looking for some spare parts? Making a franken-binding? We got what you need. Not sure which part you need?

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