Wedgie Footbed Tech
Posted on July 07, 2009 in Product
Added Pop and Support, A Better Way to Ride

Unlike the wedgies you may have received in junior high, this Wedgie will provide the added benefit of support and control, allowing you to ride longer and harder, all the while leaving your skivvies in tact. Years of experience developing our Custom Balance™ Footbed led us to the ideal angles for specific riding styles and stances. The Wedgie is an ultra-light footbed that uses subtle angles to align the ankles and knees to a more natural and comfortable position. The angle also gives leverage to press the board for huge pop, without affecting your preferred stance width.

NEW! Wedgie 1.5 Wedgie 1.5 offers a subtle amount of angle to provide the perfect mix of comfort and lateral support for the advancing rider.

NEW! Wedgie 2.5 provides the ideal angle for advanced freestyle riders looking for that extra pop. If you are riding a rocker board, you’ll especially appreciate getting some added pop with 2.5.

NEW! Wedgie 3.0 The best angle for the advanced all-terrain rider looking for extra control, drive and pop.

NEW! Wedgie 4.0 Offers the maximum angle for those riders looking for the utmost drive and ollie pop. Ideal for those who rock the extra wide stance.

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