Sultans of Shred - Turkey Part 1
Posted on March 13, 2010 in Webisodes
Here we have part 1 of 2 a little behind the scenes look at a recent Ride team trip to Turkey. Darrell Mathes, Austin Hironaka, Hana Beaman and Alex Cantin get all touristy in Istanbul and jump around to few different resorts checking out all of what Turkey has to offer.

Don't expect too much snowboarding action here as you will just have to wait for the bangers to come out in next seasons films from Think Thank, Videograss and Standard Films. It was a fun trip and most of this video shows the good times we had between shooting. Enjoy and look for part 2.... If for one reason alone you need to see the team cross training on ice skates.

The Sultans of Shred the Ottomans of the Ollie the Turks of the Tweak!

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