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Slimewalls Webisode

Posted on August 20, 2008 in Webisodes
Large HD version

You have obviously seen snowboarding on T.V. over the past decade, but in the past two years it seems to be every other commercial break or T.V. show that you catch a glimpse of your favorite pro snowboarder. When will it end? Well, it won't. Ride is stoked to embark in the exciting world of commercial broadcasting thanks to outlets like Fuel T.V., Youtube, podcasts and every other T.V., website and channel out there. And as with everything we do at Ride, we are going to have fun in the process. Just take this new commercial we produced...how could we go wrong? I mean seriously, put a mustache on Mikey and it was almost finished!

Here you can find the full length 3 minute version of our Ride webisode starring Slimewalls® as themselves, Mikey Leblanc as "Officer Leblanc", Nico Droz as "shop kid" and Darrell Mathes as "Slimewall Junkie". A shorter 30 second commercial will be broadcast on Fuel T.V. starting in October. Stay tuned for more from Ride studios and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our webisode.

Credits music by Quadrillion