Ride With Us - Ep.7 - Shakedown
Posted on April 03, 2011 in Ridewithus
The crew loaded up the truck in Denver, CO and crammed in for the 20 hour drive to Seattle, WA for the Ride Shakedown. Joe Mango and Scott See were competing in the Shakedown, Mikey P. was filming and Steven Waters was drinking/hosting. They laughed they cried, they lapped the park at Summit Central. Central has never seen tree jibs like these guys can throw down. You can thank the RWU crew and their logging skills for the wide open runs and vistas you so causally enjoy up there.

We'll it's been a great season of Ride With Us, hope you enjoyed it and here's to next season! If you enjoyed this season of Ride With Us or hated it please share your love or hate on the Ride With Us Facebook page. As always Steven is accepting marriage proposals.