Ride With Us - Ep.6 - Minnesota
Posted on March 05, 2011 in Ridewithus
Right after SIA in Denver, the crew decided to get in the truck and head out East to follow the record breaking winter they have had this season. With feet upon feet of snow in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota was the place to be. See the latest antics from Joe, Steven, and Celia by clicking the image above.

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Basically any state East of the Mississippi has been getting absolutely pounded with snow this winter, unlike our backyard of Denver. So, during the midst of the SIA tradeshow we decided to pile in the truck and make our way out to Minnesota. It was a small crew, Celia, Steven, Mike, and Joe(with the exception of Joe none of us have been to the twin cities to film) but with the lack of snow here and record setting snowfalls there it was a no brainer. Check out a couple of the stills from along the way, and even a leak at one of the features in the next video It's Our Fault. Follow SixEleven on their site

Mango spent the whole drive in that seat. all 15 hours

For some reason mike has this diary in his truck. yes it locks, yes steven picked the lock

Joe's bed, fully equipped with a t-shirt pillowcase

Steven most likely had pneumonia the entire trip, looking like the walking dead


found this super rad ice cave, and wasted an entire afternoon inside it

Mikey P on the phone as usual, Mango trying to hug him?