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Austin Hironaka & Sam Hulbert - Along for the Ride

Posted on November 02, 2009 in Team
Rider's part from Ride's 2010 promo video - "Along For the Ride".

So Many Dynamos
From the album The Loud Wars
Vagrant Records

The Ride Snowboards video "Along for the Ride" follows Ride’s international team and their travels throughout the 08/09 season. Follow Juuso Laivisto and Marco Feichtner as they parade through Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia with the Pirates film crew during the production of "Jolly Roger" while Nico Droz and Corey Noble offer up their urban skills throughout France and North America. Watch Hana Beaman throw down a solid part while shooting with her all women's snowboard crew in "Stance." Mikey Leblanc, Alex Cantin and Darrell Mathes will exhibit their true talents while keeping things real and progressive as ever during the filming of one of the year’s best films "Videograss." Witness J.J. Thomas spitting out some snowboard style as well as lyrics in Role Model Production’s "Think Positive" and of course, don’t forget to come Along for the Ride with Austin Hironaka and Sam Hulbert during Think Thank Productions’ aptly named “Cool Story."