Ride Snowboards

What Is Covered?

What is Covered

  • Structural cracks on the top sheet, base, core, edge, sidewall due to a manufacturing defect.
  • Delaminating of top sheet, base, sidewall, edge, tip and tail protectors due to a manufacturing defect.
  • Stripped, spinning or misaligned inserts. (Note: Inserts that are stripped due to improper mounting are not repairable, and are not considered a material flaw.)
  • Stitching, zippers, & Velcro tabs that are not a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Delaminating of boot sole due to a manufacturing defect.
  • Bending or breakage of RIDE Binding baseplates and heelcups.

What is Not Covered

  • Any problem resulting from impact, misuse, abuse, or neglect. This includes but is not limited to rail and rock damage, cracked steel edges, etc..
  • Cosmetic issues including top sheet dents or chips, sun-faded graphics, and edge oxidation or rust.
  • Board damage resulting from improper mounting of bindings, including the use of incorrect mounting hardware, the mounting of non- RIDE bindings or base dimples in the binding insert area as a result of improper mounting.
  • Damage caused by any modifications made outside of the RIDE facility.
  • Boot damage from resting board steel edge on boot.
  • Normal wear and tear, i.e. boot laces.

All warranty returns must include a copy of the original Proof of Purchase from a RIDE authorized dealer*. We are unable to process warranty returns without a copy of the original Proof of Purchase showing the product is within the warranty time-frame.

* ebay and similar sites are not authorized Ride dealers.