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Full Grown Tech For the Small Fry

SIZES: 90, 100, 110, 120, 130
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STYLE: All Mountain Freestyle

SHAPE: LowRize™

STANCE: Centered

This performance full sidewall twin snowboard features the Gummy™ Core offering a soft flex unlike anything else on the market. Complete with the LowRize™ shape that maximizes the learning curve and offers a surfy hook-free feel. Little rippers will enjoy the ability to turn and learn with ease, while parents will enjoy the ease on their pocket book when handing down this durable deck to the next little one in the family.

  • Lowrize™
  • Ptex
  • Gummy Core
  • Biaxal Glass
  • Fusion 1500



A twin rockered shape that just lifts the contact points out of the snow and has a nearly flat zone under foot.

Gummy Core

Gummy Core

Offering a soft flex and fun ride, Gummy Core offers a wood core with a slice of gummy foam inside.

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