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Agenda Wide Snowboard 153w 153W
Agenda Wide Snowboard 157w 157W
Agenda Wide Snowboard 161w 161W
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The Best Freestyle Twin for your Money

SIZES: 153W, 157W, 161W
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STYLE: All Mountain Freestyle

SHAPE: LowRize™

STANCE: Centered

The Agenda offers high-end performance at a price that is tough to beat. Featuring the surfy hook-free LowRize™ rocker shape, durable Ptex sidewalls and quality Foundation Tuned™ Core. The best freestyle snowboard value all around, its hard to pass up this smooth twin Ride.

  • Lowrize™
  • Ptex
  • Biaxal Glass
  • Fusion 1500



A twin rockered shape that just lifts the contact points out of the snow and has a nearly flat zone under foot.

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