Takashi Nishida

International Am Team


Mr. Nishida is one of the most respected and prominent figures in Japans professional snowboard scene. Takashi has taken his career and created outlets not only for himself, but many others who share in his pursuit for perfect turns. Takashi is a co-owner of May’bem casual clothing, he also owns and operates his own board shop, and participates in everything else associated with the two, from producing summer camps and snowboard videos, to throwing 270 boardslides and flawless cab fives. A leader, not a follower, Takashi stays on top of his game and International Pro team duties by pushing his skills on and off the slopes. Recently Takashi has been busy volunteering in activities and visiting shelters to serve food and provide delivery of aid for those recovering from the recent disasters in the Tohoku area of Japan.


DOB: January 26th
RESORT: Yamagata
BOARD: RIDE Buckwild 153
VIDEO: First Children & Big Time