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Jake Blauvelt

Pro Team


Jake Blauvelt is arguably one of the very best all around & most talented snowboarders in the world right now. his smooth, creative and effortless-looking style is unlike any other & has lifted him into an elite group of top athletes in the snowboarding world. after making the tough decision to follow a life in snowboarding over soccer, Jake’s career started like most other snowboarders: traveling from contest to contest, making a name for himself riding half pipe & slopestyle events, & eventually winning the burton us open slopestyle in 2004, one of the most prestigious events in snowboarding. It wasn’t long before Jake realized that his was a different calling; his style & his capability on a snowboard belonged in the backcountry, in natural terrain where he could let his endless imagination & creativity run wild where he could find his own lines and make use of the features that nature provides. Away from the mountains, Jake Blauvelt lives a very healthy lifestyle, practices yoga daily, & still regularly plays soccer. Jake & his financé recently founded a non-profit organization called the mountain light project, which provides funding for kids to participate in mountain based education programs.


DOB: August 22nd
RESORT: Mt. Baker, WA
BOARD: RIDE Berzerker - Jake Blauvelt signature model
VIDEO: Jake Blauvelt "Naturally"