Derrek Lever

Global Am Team


Even if he is complaining about something, it's in a positive fashion. Derrek turns any situation into a laughing matter, however somehow in the moments that count while filming in the streets, this guy turns it on. If you're looking for proof, start with his last few parts in the Keep the Change flicks.


DOB: April 23, 1991
RESORT: Stevens Pass
BOARD: RIDE Crook 155
VIDEO: Keep The Change
FAVORITE INSTA: @metroskateboarding
FAVORITE SHOP: Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop
FAVORITE SNOWBOARD PART: Travis Parker in Afterbang or Louie Fountain in “DOwn With People
BESIDES BOARDIN: Skateboarding, Surfing, Camping, Mary, friends and family etc
GUILTY PLEASURE: I’ve been a ginger for 23 years… I’m pretty much guilty of something all the time.